Learn more about cantilever racking

Cantilever racks are one of the best ways to create safe, easily accessible, and tidy work spaces for storing large and bulky items. These racks can be used for the storage of scrap vehicles, timber packs, pipes and a host of other items. cantilever racking maximises storage capacity, presentation, and accessibility to large items. Apart from that, these racks are bespoke, flexible solutions to providing high returns on investments through easier stock management and increasing productivity.

Learn more about cantilever racking.

There are several core elements that make up a cantilever rack. These elements are columns, arms, rear bracing, and bolted and welded floor fixings. The way these elements are configured dictates the amount of load you can place on the rack. The upright element can easily bear loads of up to 30 tonnes.

There are two types of racking. These are single and double sided. The racks are modular designed. This means that they can be extended by simply inserting columns at the desired widths, therefore, creating enough space to fit any item you wish. This can be repeated both at the front and back therefore, creating other rows for increased storage. The way the rack is configured determines the type and shape of load you can place on it.

Cantilever racks can be used by several companies. These companies include

- Building merchants

- Timber yards

- Industrial yards

Building merchants

Cantilever racking can be used by building merchants. This is because these racks are the perfect solution for external retail display. These racks will help you organise large items quickly and easily, optimizing the available space and making access to them easier. The best configuration for building merchants is the no upright one. This ensures that you have free and unhindered access to materials. However big or small the site is vertical storage ensures that the available space is utilized to the fullest.

Timber yards

Timber yards face the challenge of storing materials in a way that moisture and other factors do not degrade them, therefore, compromising their quality. This is where cantilever racking comes in. Cantilever racks store timber in such a way that air flow through the stock is allowed. This helps in preventing moisture damage and also allows for unhindered stock access and regular rotation.

Industrial yards

Industrial yards are usually untidy and hard to move around. But this can be changed by the use of cantilever racks. These racks help create organised work flows, providing great control over the production process.